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Enrique-LagoEnrique Lago

Vice-President, Eco Plep


2008 to 2014
San Antonio TX

Commercial Sales Director for Latin America

  • Organized all the Commercial business of the company.
  • Organized all the Latin America market for them.
  • Review all Categories of discounts for distributors.
  • Marketing Review and advertising.
  • Sales in Central America and South America.
  • Create and Develop the Penitentiary business for Mexico.
  • Leadership in Fire Rated Doors in Latin America.
  • Sell and Install Penitentiary products in different prisons of Mexico.

2007 to 2008
Proyectos Arquitectónicos y Especificación
San Antonio TX

Sales Director for Texas & Latin America

  • Mexican company with 1st branch in the US market.
  • Introduce the company at the Texas Contractor to sell them door & hardware.
  • Administration Manager for the company.
  • Take control of all leads to attend the Latin American market thru San Antonio branch.
  • Sales of MMI into the Texas Market.
  • Create a strong sales network with all the Mexican contractors established in Texas for Door and hardware sales.

2004 to 2007
Mexico City

Commercial Sales Director for Latin America

  • Sold products to business and industrial establishments and Individual for manufacturer and distributor at sales office, store, showroom and customer’s place of business.
  • Executed daily operations of distribution management and hardware consultant.
  • Compiled list of prospective customers for use as sales leads, based on information recover by internet leads, business directories and other sources.
  • Wrote, designed, spec write and produced different kind of commercial projects in Latin America.
  • Traveled throughout assigned territory to call on regular and prospective customers to offer support to close sales.
  • Talked with customers on sales floors and by phone.
  • Trained and managed 60 people in the doors and hardware industry and achieved significant improvements in their productivity.
  • Displayed and demonstrated product, using samples, catalogs and emphasized salable features.
  • Trained distributors in installation issues to reduce cost and troubles.
  • Quoted prices and credit terms and prepared sales contracts for orders obtained.
  • Supervised and managed installation in actual jobs for factory warranties.
  • Estimated date of delivery to customers, based on knowledge of own firm’s production and delivery schedules.
  • Prepared reports of business transactions and kept expense accounts.
  • Successfully managed to architect firms presentations for spec writing proposals.
  • Structured and maintained growing the number of distributions in the Latin America region.
  • Spec write and sold the Door and Hardware products to the World Cup
  • Cricket Stadium Oval in Barbados West Indies in the Caribbean.

1996 to 2004
INGERSOLL- RAND Security & Safety Sector
Mexico City
Country Manager S & S Sector for Mexico

  • Sold products related to the Door and Hardware Business.
  • Distribution Management and Hardware Consultant.
  • Architect firms presentations teaching all the ANSI standards, products to be apply into Mexican regulations and specifications.
  • Traveled in all the Mexican territory finding big projects and offering to the Network distribution, support to close sales.
  • Trained and managed around 120 people in different dates in manufacturing plants in USA for sales proposals and installation.
  • Prepared and Organized Annual Conventions for distributors in Resorts.
  • Organized Sales meetings with a variety of power point presentations.
  • Public relationship and integrator of 19 distributors divided by regions and interaction of most of them with the same company policies.
  • Quote prices and credit terms for all distributors.
  • Discount bases for buying programs for the different distributors.
  • Structured and maintained growing the number of distributors in Mexico.
  • Support in sales and installation to some of the Central America distributors for the new Airport Terminal in San Jose de Costa Rica.

1986 to 1996
México City
Operation Manager

  • Company founder in 1986 related to the fire equipment and fire extinguishers. Automatic fire sprinklers, fire detection and supresion.
  • Managed all operations for jobs and sales for all the company as well as projects, jobs and installations.
  • Wrote and design fire engineering for different companies in Mexico.
  • Trained and managed 70 employees in sales and installation of automatic
  • Sprinklers systems, fire detection, supresion and alarm systems.
  • Supervised and managed installation in all jobs.
  • Large projects with thousands of fire detectors in mayor locations in the Mexican territory.
  • Manufactured fire doors for govermment buildings.
  • Trained focus on Evacuation systems for high Rise Buildings.
  • Expertise in Vapor and Plastic Explosives, with detection systems.
  • Drugs detection systems, Rep of different manufacturers in the USA.
  • Rep for X Ray machines expert for Explosive and drugs detection.
  • Rep for Hollow Metal thru Detectors and manual detectors.
  • Rep for inteligent equipment as hidden microphones etc.
  • Family Business related with Industrial training.
  • Trained people for different matters.
  • Most of the training was focus on Security & Safety issues.
  • Theorical and practical trainings in fire combats.
  • Safety consultant to all the industrial business in Mexico.
  • Fire detection systems jobs made for Government buildings.


Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM)
Mexico, City.
Electronic Engineer.


  • Fire Detection Systems in (Houston TX USA)
  • Intrusion Alarm Systems in Sentrol (Portland OR USA)
  • Fire Detection Systems in Cerberus Pyrotronics (Chicago IL USA)
  • Hollow Metal Thru Detectors in Garrett Electronics (Graland TX USA)
  • Fire Combat at Texas A&M University (Austin TX USA)
  • Explosive Detection System in Scintrex (Toronto ON Canada)
  • Plastic and Vapor Explosives at SCIM (Miami FL. USA)
  • High Intelligence Equipment in AF Protec (Miami FL. USA)
  • Crisis Management for Kidnap Ramson & Extortion by Control Risk (Monterrey MX)
  • High Business Management by Ingersoll Rand (Scottsdale AZ. USA)
  • International Distributor training Seminar by IR (Indianapolis IN. USA)
  • Doors and Frames Training by Steelcraft (Cincinnati OH. USA)
  • Distribution for the New Millenium by Curries (Miami, FL. USA)
  • Leadership Communication and Education by DHI (Phoenix, AZ USA)
  • Von Duprin Advanced Electrical Applications by IR (Indianapolis IN. USA)
  • Electric Access Control by Locknetics IR (Forestville, CT. USA)
  • Access Control Management Software by Locknetics (Forestville CT. USA)
  • Door and Hardware Specification by DHI (Washington, DC. USA)
  • Locks, Door Closers and Exit Devices by IR (Toronto ON, Canada)
  • Hardware Applications by Yale Security Group (Charlotte, NC. USA)
  • Door Closers Applications by Norton (Monroe, NC. USA)
  • Hollow Metal Doors and Frames Applications by Ceco (Milan TN. USA)
  • Access Control Systems by Securitron University (Reno NV. USA)
  • Distribution Network for Latin America by ASSA ABLOY (Toronto ON. Canada) 


Spanish and English.


1994 Risk Prevention for GNP Insurance Company in Mexico.

1996 Engenieering Award from Municipal Engeneer Association.

2003 Ingersoll Rand Chairman Award for Dual Citizenship


Door and Hardware Consultant

National Fire Protection Association recognition

Security and Safety Association in Mexico


Fire Protection

Fire Detection and Automatic Supresion

Automatic Sprinkler Systems

Explosive Detection

Drug Detection

Intelligence Equipment

Crisis Management for Kidnap Ramson and Extorsion