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José-RuizJosé Ruiz

CEO for Buenavista Renewables Mexico (BVR)

José Ruiz serves as CEO for Buenavista Renewables Mexico (BVR) in San Antonio, Texas. BVR develops renewable energy projects, focusing on unique opportunities in the Mexican and broader Latin American, the Caribbean and the South Pacific Region. The group is formed by solar and wind professionals from China, Mexico, and the United States. Prior to BVR, Mr. Ruiz was the Director of Project Development at the North American Development Bank.

Mr. Ruiz, has 23 years of experience in the development, structuring, and financing of infrastructure projects that in their aggregate represent more than $6.3 billion USD in investment in the US, Mexico, and the UK. He has participated in more than 150 infrastructure projects across various sectors, including renewable energy, energy efficiency, natural gas, water & wastewater, solid waste, urban infrastructure, housing, public transportation, and border crossings.

José holds an MBA from the University of Lancaster, U.K. and BS in Civil Engineering from UNAM, MX.