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Rolando-VegaRolando Vega

‪Director of Research at The University of Texas at San Antonio

Dr. Vega has been a renewable energy consultant and researcher for the last 8-years. He currently leads R&D technical performance in the subjects of renewable energy forecasting, GIS LiDAR analytics, building load forecasting and grid integration at The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA). Dr. Vega has led the development of 3 patent pending in the area of distributed energy forecasting and has been leading the development of technologies for distributed IoT traffic monitoring, cyber abnormality detection and prediction for the electric utility industry.

He started and was responsible for the Renewable Energy consulting business in US, Mexico, Brazil and China for a global 1700+ employee consulting company. Dr. Vega helped develop the company’s consulting renewable energy annual revenues to about $6M in 3-years. He drives teamwork, effectively draws from the strengths of his team and focuses in innovative ideas and great communication to provide solutions. Dr. Vega’s former clients include top tier global owners, utilities and manufacturers of renewable energy assets and operations. Dr. Vega is a registered Professional Engineer and holds an active NCEES record for licensure in any U.S. state.

Specialties: Wind Energy, Wind Engineering, Structural Engineering, Wind turbine technology, Hurricane damage, Instrumentation, Design Verification, Due Diligence, Finite Element Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics.