Solar Radiation Zone

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Written by: Jorge Sanchez

North America has the third biggest solar radiation zone in the world, the other two are the Atacama desert and the Australian desert, it would be the same as if we had the petroleum deposit of Iraq but because the solar radiation is a renewable energy it would be endless, while the other two radiation zones have to produce the energy and transport it to costumers that are far away in North America, unlike the first two areas of radiation we can produce energy with solar panels and used them right there reducing extensively the final cost of the client.

San Antonio is a city with a privileged location for the fabrication and distribution of renewable energy equipment; the city is evolving in a center of renewable energy by excellence. W­e have solar panels fabrics, invertors and tracking systems. San Antonio also has the biggest solar farms in the USA, legal offices specialized in energy subjects but not only that, also, a program called “SA2020” focused on renewable energies, a utility company (CPS) with a great interest on renewable energies, the central offices of NADBANK, a development bank with specialty on sustainable infrastructure, Southwest Research Institute (SWRI) one of the most famous research technology centers in the United States, universities and schools with courses and training in renewable energy.

The Bi-National Energy Committee wants to share benefits and opportunities that there are on the sector of renewable energy, we give you the to visit us at the forum where you can listen to leaders in the renewable energy sector and updates in laws about climate change, about the renewable energy bi-national support, the new technologies. Also, you get to see stands of people in the renewable energy industry and there will be a tour where you’ll have the opportunity visit solar farms in San Antonio.

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